About Us
Founded in 1997 by Mo Fathelbab, Forum Resources Network Forum Resources Network (FRN) is a world-wide outsource provider of CEO-to-CEO learning forums. Our network of professional, accredited facilitators provides customized retreat planning and meeting facilitation for forums, management teams and peer exchange groups. With over 2,000 programs in 32 countries under his belt, for clients including Young Presidents’ Organization, World Presidents’ Organization, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, CEO Resource Alliance, the Virginia Council of CEOs and numerous corporate clients, Mo is a leading authority on the subject.
Forum Resource Network exists to guide executive-level forum groups through a process of personal and professional transformation by providing expert meeting facilitation, training and resources.

Why We Are Unique

We specialize in executive-level learning

Executives, CEOs, company presidents, COOs, entrepreneurs, managers … leaders
have a distinctive mindset. We know — each of us is one of them. FRN leverages
years of CEO forum experience to guide executive-level groups though tackling
challenges, managing change and spurring action.


We are experienced entrepreneurs and CEOs who understand the isolation that can come with leadership


We believe that input from peers can be invaluable


We understand how to help forum groups build sustaining relationships


We understand how to help forum groups work through communication struggles, crises and conflict because of our direct forum experiences and access to scores of forum groups and members

No two forums are the same; no two retreats or meetings are the same. We do not provide cookie-cutter programs. Instead, we help you identify what your group wants to accomplish, and then design a meeting or retreat to achieve those goals with the most powerful impact.

  • We gather input from each group member through our customized Forum Health Diagnostic Survey
  • Your facilitator studies that information and designs a retreat or meeting that addresses those needs